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Posted on October 22, 2012 by - Scrap Metal Recycling

Ferrous Processing & Trading (FPT) is the fifth largest metals recycler in the industry today.  FPT provides a full range of environmentally friendly metals recycling services.  They operate one of the world’s first mega-shredders, capable of recovering over 200 tons of recycled metals per hour.  FPT provides customers with advanced technological metals recycling services with operations in Florida, Ohio, Ontario, and Michigan.


Steel Recycling

One of the largest components of FPT’s services is steel recycling.  Steel is the most-recycled metal at FPT and in the United States in general.  In fact, steel is an important indicator of economic development.  This is because steel has so many applications including household appliances automotive manufacturing, construction, and much more.


Steel is often the backbone of industrial countries and newly-emerging economic powers, and was an important part of America’s history since the industrial age and through the post-war era.


The History of Steel

Steel has been an important resource throughout the history of the world. It is not a “new” material, at least not in the way that plastics or nylon are. Pieces of steel have been found in East Africa that date back to 1400BCE.  Because steel is an alloy, made up of two or more elements, it can be made from materials found in nature through a process known as smelting.

Steel is smelted through the application of extreme heat to iron ore.  Temperatures may reach in excess of 1370 degrees Celsius to achieve the desired results.  Processes for reaching such high temperatures have been utilized for a surprisingly long time.  Even six thousand years ago, techniques for melting materials had already been discovered and were highly utilized.

However, steel is a very sensitive alloy and is difficult to work with.  Miniscule changes to the proportions of its components during the smelting process result in very different outcomes and properties.  In light of this, steel-making was long considered almost as an art-form.  In 1858, Henry Bessemer finally developed a method for consistently creating high-quality steel that could be mass-produced and was easily recycled, leading to the birth of the modern steel industry.

The Modern Era of Steel

Today, even with modernized steel-making technologies, steel recycling is still the most efficient and cost-effective method of producing steel.  Steel recycling companies like FPT play a huge part in repurposing old structures, appliances, and other metal objects.  Steel recycling continues to play a big part in developing and supporting America’s economy.

Ferrous Processing & Trading is recognized as a major innovator in industrial scrap metal management; including the implementation of onsite operations, equipment and controls that provide optimum efficiency and scrap value as well as the logistics support network that regularly moves the scrap to its best destinations.

With our breadth of experience in manufacturing and steel making applications, we can evaluate, design, finance, install and operate the right scrap management solution to match the particulars of your scrap production or consuming needs.

About Ferrous Processing & Trading


Ferrous Processing & Trading is one of North America’s premier processors, sellers, and recyclers of scrap metals of all kinds.  They are supported by the unique skills and experience of the management, commercial, and operations teams.  Their ownership assures both financial strength and a deep commitment to the industry and their customers.  FPT’s reputation is built on the core values of integrity, expertise, responsiveness, and creativity in the scrap metal recycling industry.


Ferrous Processing & Trading is a key supplier to the metals industry of North America.  They are also a major scrap metals management company for the U.S. auto industry.  From every stage of the metal recycling process from the assembly line to the used parts pile then through the scrap processing yard and into the furnace, FPT has the right answers for handling and marketing metal.


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