Environmental and Quality

Environmental and Quality Integrity

The removal of scrap metals from industrial facilities poses many potential environmental risks and liabilities for both the scrap producer and processor. All of our facilities, processing techniques and transportation equipment are designed and operated to minimize or eliminate these risks and liabilities for both Ferrous Processing and our scrap suppliers.


Our Quality Department includes professional quality management, quality analysis, laboratory furnace and chemical engineering operations. We believe that quality of scrap is achieved through the establishment and implementation of continual improvement processes.

Ferrous Processing & Trading is a world-class supplier of recyclable metals to ferrous & non-ferrous consumers globally. Through continuous quality improvements and processing capabilities we are able to strengthen our position as a market leader improving environmental and quality conditions. Ferrous Processing & Trading pioneered testing facilities to melt, test and document the chemistry of all scrap produced at all of our facilities, ensuring the quality of all shipments and quantifying their value.

Our facilities are environmentally compliant.