Non-Ferrous Metals

Since 1946, Ferrous Processing & Trading (FPT) has been an industry leader in buying, processing, and selling all Non-Ferrous metals. In both local and international markets, FPT globally manages over 300 million pounds of non-ferrous metals every year. Whether it is retail business from the general public and local contractors, or large industrial accounts, we have the ability to handle all customers, big and small.

Our diverse operational capabilities give us the ability to handle all grades of non-ferrous material while reducing our environmental footprint. From shredding and high-speed bailing, to state-of-the-art media plants utilizing cutting-edge technology, FPT can produce many different customer specific products. Technologically advanced sortation plants, drainage systems, and dust collectors help us reduce and minimize the amount of airborne contaminants and material sent to local landfills.

We take pride in our industry reputation of supplying superior quality products. At all FPT facilities our quality control programs insure that our materials meet and exceed customers’ expectations. We employ handheld metal analyzers, complex Eddy currents, advanced sand flow sortation, and even simple hand sorting to ensure industry leading quality.

FPT strives to provide the best service and price to all customers. Our services and facilities are numerous: full service non-ferrous yards with high speed bailers and full non-ferrous shredders or small, retail non-ferrous locations. If you have any questions on selling or buying non-ferrous materials please click below to contact one of our non-ferrous team members.