Meet the Staff

Meet the staff of Ferrous Processing & Trading’s management team who are unsurpassed in their experience and expertise.

Ferrous Processing & Trading - Howard Sherman

Ferrous Processing & Trading – Howard Sherman

Howard Sherman

Mr. Sherman is chairman of the board. He is a seasoned executive responsible for supporting FPT’s strategic growth initiatives. Mr. Sherman’s perspective is long term, strategic and futuristic in nature. In keeping with his forward vision, he also ensures that tactical measures designed to promote attainment of strategic goals are implemented on a current basis.

Starting his career in the scrap business with Intermetco Ltd., Mr. Sherman worked in trading and various management positions. In 1977 he moved to Windsor, Ontario where he became General Manager and later, President of K Scrap Resources, Ltd.

In early 2000, Mr. Sherman was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of Ferrous Processing & Trading Company. In mid-2003, he also became Chief Executive Officer of the Company. He also serves on the Board of Management for Gemini Recycling, a joint venture with Ferrous Processing and The David J. Joseph Co.

A graduate of the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio, Mr. Sherman earned a B.Sc. in Business.

Mr. Sherman is the past President of the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries (C.A.R.I.) and active in many local charities and organizations in Windsor, Ontario.

Ferrous Processing & Trading - Dave Dobronos

Ferrous Processing & Trading – Dave Dobronos

Dave Dobronos

Mr. Dobronos was named CEO in June of 2017 and President in June of 2016. He began his scrap metal career in 1994 at Luria Brother’s in Cleveland, Ohio as an Account Executive. Mr. Dobronos joined FPT in 2002 as an Account Executive. He was appointed to the FPT Executive Board in 2014,
as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, where he was responsible for the purchasing and selling of scrap metal for the Michigan region.
He served on the ISRI Executive Board for six years and was Michigan Chapter President from 2013-2015. Mr. Dobronos is a graduate of The Ohio State University and recently completed the Executive Management Program at The University of Notre Dame.

Ferrous Processing & Trading - Joanie Streicher

Ferrous Processing & Trading – Joanie Streicher

Joanie Streicher

As Chief Financial Officer, Joanie Streicher reviews and reports financial statements for all operating entities within the Ferrous Processing & Trading family of companies. In addition, Ms. Streicher oversees the FPT accounting department including various locations within the United States and Canada and works closely with the executive group on strategic growth.

Ms. Streicher joined Zalev Brothers, a FPT affiliate, in 1986 as part of the finance and accounting staff. Ms. Streicher assisted in the successful merger with Ferrous Processing, and subsequently worked with the Soave corporate officers in the acquisition and consolidation of several scrap recycling companies resulting in the current conglomerate of diverse processors that is FPT today.

After graduating from St. Clair College with a 3 year accounting diploma, Ms. Streicher went on to become a Certified General Accountant. She has over 25 years of experience in the scrap recycling industry. Ms. Streicher is a member of the Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario and Canada.

Ferrous Processing & Trading - Rob Bakotich

Ferrous Processing & Trading – Rob Bakotich

Rob Bakotich

As Executive Vice President, Mr. Bakotich is responsible for purchasing and sales for Non-Ferrous grades generated by facilities in Ontario and Michigan. He and his team forecast, sell and coordinate the activities of various processing centers with operational personnel. They sell both domestic and export homes for all non-ferrous generated.

With more than 31 years of experience in the scrap business, Mr. Bakotich provides expertise in brokerage sales and yard operations. He began his career with Luria Brothers in Detroit as a broker, and after progressive positions within the industry which included regional marketing manager and President of Summit Metals in Lansing MI. Most recently, Mr. Bakotich served as General Manager of K Scrap Resources in Windsor Ontario.

A Graduate of Michigan State University, Mr. Bakotich is a past President of the Michigan Chapter of ISRI and served on as a Michigan Chapter Board member for over six years. He is active in local charities in his home community.

Ferrous Processing & Trading - Steve Benacquisto

Ferrous Processing & Trading – Steve Benacquisto

Steve Benacquisto

As Senior Executive Vice President All Yard Operations, Steve Benacquisto oversees all operational & transportation activity for the Ferrous Processing and Trading. He is responsible for all operating and maintenance activities at all FPT and affiliated yards. Steve is also responsible the FPT Engineering Division, purchasing and Capital Expenditure programs. Steve brings more than 38 years of proven performance in scrap operations management.

After graduating from Wayne State University with a BA in Finance, Steve began honing his operating management skills at Schlafer Iron & Metal and subsequently succeeded as a partner in acquiring the business along with Sam Allen & Sons and TBS Trucking. Soon after these businesses were acquired by Soave Enterprises as a part of the FPT family in 1997, Steve expanded his management responsibility to include all yard and trucking operations in Windsor, Detroit and Pontiac.

Ferrous Processing & Trading - Drew Luntz

Ferrous Processing & Trading – Drew Luntz

Drew Luntz

As President of FPT Ohio, Andrew (Drew) Luntz directs all activity of the FPT’s Ohio operations; including all yard activities, commercial transactions and business development. Drew is a fifth-generation member of the Luntz scrap metal family and was born into the scrap industry in Northeastern Ohio; learning all phases of the business and developing the skills that serve FPT today.
Drew previously was President and co-owner of the Luntz Corporation as well as former President of Phillips Metals.

Ferrous Processing & Trading - Mario Macari

Ferrous Processing & Trading – Mario Macari

Mario Macari

As Executive Officer, Mario Macari has operational responsibilities for FPT’s Florida and Cleveland operations. Mr. Macari began his scrap career with Schlafer Iron & Steel in 1990 as an Operations Manager. In 1992, Schlafer Iron & steel acquired Sam Allen & Son and he was then promoted to Plant Manager. He has been Operations Manager at many FPT locations including Strong Steel, Zalev Brothers in Windsor Ontario, and John Kronk.
Recently, Mr. Macari was instrumental in turning around FPT’s Florida Operations by successfully building a Marketing and Operations team within the region.
Mr. Macari earned a dual degree in Hotel Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts at Henry Ford Community College in 1988. His business career includes a background of 26 years in metal recycling, logistics management, and demolition.

Ferrous Processing & Trading - Bill Sulak

Ferrous Processing & Trading – Bill Sulak

Bill Sulak

Mr. Sulak began his career with FPT in 2007 where he worked as an Account Executive in Detroit. In 2012 he moved to Cleveland as Senior Sales Manager for FPT Ohio. He then assumed the role of Regional Director for the Southeast in 2014 and was appointed to the Executive Leadership Team in 2015. Mr. Sulak is currently Executive Vice President of FPT South / Mexico and serves as the Vice President for the Southeast chapter of ISRI. He is a graduate of The University of Michigan-Dearborn.


Ferrous Processing & Trading - Chip Hering

Ferrous Processing & Trading – Chip Hering

A.G. (Chip) Hering

Mr. Hering currently acts as Senior Executive Advisor to the President. In this role Mr. Hering advises on all commercial, engineering and administrative activities of FPT as directed by the President.
After graduating from Lehigh, Mr. Hering joined Lukens Steel Company in Production Control. Vietnam-era activity then led to his role as a Civil Engineer Corps Officer in the US Navy. He returned to civilian life with Luria Brothers in Cleveland, progressing from Plant Manager to Regional Vice President before his departure in 1991.
Mr. Hering founded The Network of Recycling Markets, a pioneering computer-based network for scrap metals trading. With the successful organization of a multi-company alliance for long-term management of Ford Motor Company scrap metals, Mr. Hering joined Zalev Brothers, Ltd. in 1996, a key element in the consolidation of Ferrous Processing & Trading Company a few years later.
Mr. Hering earned a BS in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University and an MBA from George Washington University. He holds patents for Processes to Improve Value for Automotive Stamping Scrap.

Ferrous Processing & Trading - Tony Benacquisto

Ferrous Processing & Trading – Tony Benacquisto

Tony Benacquisto

Mr. Benacquisto currently acts as Senior Executive Advisor to the President, In this role Mr. Benacquisto advises on all yard operations, capital programs and non-trade purchasing for FPT as directed by the President.
Mr. Benacquisto began his scrap industry career in 1972 with Detroit Recycling as a crane operator and soon assumed all responsibility for operations. After four years, he moved to Schlafer Iron & Steel as operations manager, then VP of Operations. In 1985, along with his brother Steve and business associate Barry Briskin, he purchased Schlafer Iron & Steel. After growing the business by 100%, Tony and his partners added to their holdings by purchasing Sam Allen & Son, as well as Fragmet, in Pontiac, MI in 1992. Combining these enterprises in 1995, they formed TBS Recycling, one of the largest privately-held scrap processors in Michigan. Mr. Benacquisto, along with his brother Steve, joined the Ferrous Processing & Trading family through acquisition in 1997.
A graduate of Northern Michigan University, Mr. Benacquisto earned a BA in Education. He also served in the US Navy, Atlantic Fleet from 1968 to 1971.