Financial Strength


  • FERROUS PROCESSING & TRADING provides a full range of scrap recovery processes and scrap-derived raw materials for the metal industries. We are North America’s leading scrap management professionals.
  • The financial strength of Ferrous Processing & Trading allows them to purchase and process scrap metals from various sources. Our purchasing and processing capabilities allow us to buy scrap metal from the local business owner and neighborhood scrap yard to the OEMs, industrial stamping facilities and Tier One automotive suppliers.
  • Ferrous Processing & Trading is rated one of the Top 10 scrap metal recyclers in the United States.
  • Ferrous Processing & Trading is a world-class supplier of recyclable metals to the steel industry. Continual quality improvements and processing capabilities have strengthened the company’s position as a market leader.


The Source of Our Financial Strength


Cleveland Cliffs LogoFerrous Processing & Trading’s financial strength comes from the ownership by Cleveland Cliffs, the largest and oldest independent iron ore mining company in the United States. For further information on Cliffs’ capabilities and business portfolio, visit