Our Core Values


Our core values are very important, integrity being the first one. From our largest manufacturing customer to our smallest peddler supplier…from our senior executives to our yard laborers; we share a common commitment to doing the right thing. We are very proud of our long-standing trade relationships, where mutual trust and confidence have built ever stronger over the years. We are in business for the long pull, and our reputation for straight forward dealing is one of our cherished assets.


While we have grown to be one of North America’s largest scrap metal processors and sellers, we have worked hard to retain the best attributes of our founding companies; particularly the ability to react quickly and decisively to issues and opportunities. When circumstances dictate, we can quickly deploy our breadth of talented personnel, equipment and capital to respond to developments while they are still fresh. We are regularly complemented by our customers and associates for our ability to quickly mobilize.


One particular benefit of our background and growth has been the acquisition of our team of management, commercial and operations personnel with skills and experience that are some of the broadest and deepest in the industry. This has fostered our commitment to continue to build on and develop new generations of industry leaders with superior skills, training and exposure to help secure a successful and competitive future for years to come.


A serious look at our array of successful customers in the steel making, foundry and automotive industries shows that their leadership and management have been visionary and innovative in both their business models and their response to market conditions. Our management and ownership share the same creative perspective toward dealing with constantly evolving markets and technology. Many of our signature successes for which we are recognized in the industry are the result of this creativity and the commitment to see it through.