Gateway, FL Scrap Metal Yard

Ferrous Processing and Trading (FPT) offers scrap metal recycling services at 3750 Veronica Shoemaker Blvd in Ft. Myers, FL at FPT Fort Myers, LLC. The scrap yard serves a wide array of customers from individuals (retail scrap) to industrial manufacturers with a leading team of scrap metal processors and service managers.

FPT Fort Myers, LLC has built a reputation of integrity, responsiveness, and expertise in scrap metal recycling. FPT Fort Myers, LLC provides a full range of environmentally friendly and technologically advanced metal recycling services and operations.

Among its wide range of features, Ferrous Processing and Trading near Gateway, FL offers a public scale, a metal processing facility, industrial accounts, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, a baler, a granulator, a shear, a shredder, and torching.

Ferrous Processing and Trading strives to provide the best customer service possible and to pay the highest prices for recycled scrap metals. Customers at FPT Fort Myers, LLC near Gateway are always the number one priority.

Ferrous Processing and Trading welcomes all industrial steel processors, stamping plants, scrap dealers, brokers and individuals. Selling scrap metal to FPT Fort Myers, LLC near Gateway allows you to recycle scrap metals responsibly. The yard strives toward creating a mutually beneficial relationship with each customer, while also paying the highest price for your scrap metals.

Gateway, FL Scrao Yard

Ferrous Processing and Trading is one of North America’s premier processors, sellers, and recyclers of scrap metals of all kinds because the unique skills and experience of its management, commercial, and operations teams support it. Their solid ownership assures both financial strength and a deep commitment to the industry and their customers. FPT’s reputation is built on the core values of integrity, expertise, responsiveness, and creativity in the scrap metal recycling industry.

In addition to being a key supplier to the North American metals industry, Ferrous Processing and Trading is a major scrap metals management company for the U.S. auto industry. The company recycles scrap metal of all kinds and helps set the standard for scrap metal recycling companies throughout the country. FPT has the right answers for handling and marketing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Experienced professionals are available at 3750 Veronica Shoemaker Blvd to accept your scrap metal for processing and shredding operations. Industrial scrap management for large and small companies and private sellers is also available with customizable services are available upon request.

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