The Right Man for the Job

Posted on February 17, 2015 by - Scrap Metal Recycling

The best personnel fits occur when not only the skill set needed matches the employee’s resume, but the personality does as well. When FPT chose an operations manager to help direct their venture into leading-edge nonferrous metal recovery, company leadership knew that they had found a hard-working, straightforward team member. The bonus they discovered was his intensity and his innate tendency to “stretch the envelope” of technology.

Bryan Nakonezny joined FPT as a licensed electrician five years ago. He began his tenure as a scale operator, then progressed to maintenance technician at the John Kronk, Strong and Pontiac yards. John Kronk Plant Manager Mike Benacquisto affirms that “Bryan distinguished himself as a self-starter” and quickly made a name for himself among FPT’s operations management.

As FPT’s Manager, Nonferrous Recovery Plant (St. Stephens) since 2008, Nakonezny has managed the implementation of FPT’s new technology on-site. Benacquisto notes that Nakonezny “deserves every commendation for going the extra mile to make this operation so successful.”

Nakonezny isn’t a stranger to “stretching the envelope” in his personal hobbies either. An avid snowboarder, rock climber, mountain biker and skydiver, his far-flung explorations have taken him to Iceland, South America and on African safaris.

Bryan is another great find for FPT, and he promises to be a key part of FPT’s future.