Ferrous Processing & Trading Encourages Responsible Scrap Metal Recycling

Posted on June 17, 2013 by - Scrap Metal Recycling

Ferrous Processing & Trading is committed to supporting the highest level of customer service to help prevent scrap metal theft throughout the United States.

Ferrous Processing & Trading is committed to supporting industry and government agencies in preventing the rise of metal theft within the United States.  Metal thefts have been reported throughout the country and are increasing in frequency as the price of scrap metal continues to rise.  A recent report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) states that thefts of specific scrap metals including copper are occurring in all part of the United States. 

Continued Reports of Scrap Metal Theft Nationwide

The report from the NICB reviewed over 25,000 claims for metal theft including copper, bronze, brass, and aluminum that were presented to the ISO during the years 2009 through 2011.   The most common of all metal thefts was copper, which made up of 96% of the claims. 

Metal thieves are going to greater and greater lengths to find and steal recyclable metals such as copper.  Perpetrators have been known to steal construction materials, rooftop components, air conditioning unit parts, automotive parts, and copper wiring and piping from homes, commercial buildings, and even airports. 

Preventing Metal Theft

To prevent copper scrap metal theft, FPT follows the strictest procedural guidelines for accepting and processing scrap metal.  Recently, an FPT employee was recognized by the Auburn Police Department for his efforts in assisting with metal theft investigations.  The information the FPT employee provided ultimately helped lead the Auburn Hills Police Department to completing several arrests and recovering stolen property. 

Chief Security Officer, James A. Saffold explains that Ferrous Processing & Trading is committed to supporting all efforts to deter scrap metal theft.  As a leading scrap metal recycling company, FPT prides itself on following the strictest guidelines for accepting and handling scrap metal and on setting a higher standard of excellence for the entire scrap metal recycling industry. 

Ferrous Processing & Trading welcomes all industrial steel processors, stamping plants, scrap dealers, brokers, and individuals looking to recycling their scrap metals responsibly.  Ferrous Processing & Trading works with many different customers who have unique needs and are able to customize scrap metal recycling services to fit their exact requests.

About Ferrous Processing & Trading

Ferrous Processing & Trading is one of North America’s premier processors, sellers, and recyclers of scrap metals of all kinds.  They are supported by the unique skills and experience of the management, commercial, and operations teams.  Their ownership assures both financial strength and a deep commitment to the industry and their customers.  FPT’s reputation is built on the core values of integrity, expertise, responsiveness, and creativity in the scrap metal recycling industry.

Ferrous Processing & Trading is a key supplier to the metals industry of North America.  They are also a major scrap metals management company for the U.S. auto industry.  From every stage of the metal recycling process from the assembly line to the used parts pile then through the scrap processing yard and into the furnace, FPT has the right answers for handling and marketing metal.

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