Non-Ferrous Metals

Buyers, processors and traders of all non-ferrous metals since 1946.

SLC Recycling is a division of Ferrous Processing & Trading, a full-service, non-ferrous metals processing facility. SLC Recycling is the first non-ferrous facility to integrate a high-capacity shredder, an optical sorter and dry system separators with sand flotation.

SLC Recycling purchases, sorts, processes and packages aluminum, brass, copper tool steels, stainless steel and high temperature alloys.

Processing / Packaging methods include:

Baling Boxed Briquetting
Bulk Shredding Super-Sacks

SLC Recycling worldwide marketing team ships directly to major international and domestic secondary aluminum smelters, foundries and steel mills.

Our Quality Control Programs include Statistical Process Control. Qualified operators maintain industry and customer quality standards and evaluate metals through sophisticated spectrometers and wet system analysis.

SLC Recycling is a one-of-a-kind processing plant with its environmental and quality control capabilities. The majority of SLC Recycling operations occur indoors with all materials handled on paved surfaces or under a roof. Additionally, SLC Recycling has a state-of-the-art drainage and collection system, as well as dust collectors and cyclones to remove airborne contaminants.

For added safety, convenience and accuracy of all transactions, SLC Recycling utilizes electronic payment systems.


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